Nobel Laureates Leymah Gbowee (Peace, 2011), Wole Soyinka (Literature, 1986) and Martin Chalfie (Chemistry, 2008) will speak at various events during this period. There will be a “crash course” on the 2018 scientific Nobel Prizes at Hotel Rival and an international conference where the Laureates will meet teachers from all over the world. This year’s Prize announcements will be live-streamed at the Nobel Museum.

Anna Sjöström Douagi, Programme Director of the NobelCenter, says:


“The whole world will be turning its gaze to Stockholm during the week, and our project aims at making more Stockholm residents aware that a global news story is unfolding right among us. The discoveries and contributions that are being rewarded with the world’s most prestigious prize are important to all of humanity. Our dream is that the whole city will join in learning more and celebrating.”


Annika Hedås Falk,Vice President Education at the NobelCenter,is responsible for the international teachers’conference (Nobel Prize Teacher Summit) being organised in early October:


“The Nobel Prize is highly capable of engaging people, and I am convinced that the Laureates’ participation in our conference will inspire the teachers who will be attending. Like last year, we are also producing a package of educational materials – Nobel Prize Lessons – that will make it easier for school teachers who would quickly like to present lessons focusing on the year’s Prizes to their pupils.”  


Participating Nobel Laureates

Leymah Gbowee was awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize after having organised Liberian women to stand up and protest against the devastating civil wars that had plagued their country for years.


Martin Chalfie, 2008 Laureate in Chemistry, received the Nobel Prize for his work on green fluorescent protein.


Wole Soyinka received the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature. He is strongly engaged in social issues and is an outspoken critic of dictatorship, which has resulted in both imprisonment and exile.



Here are some examples of activities that will take place during early October:

Starting on Monday, October 1 Live-streaming from the Prize announcements

Who will receive the magic phone call? Join us at the Nobel Museum when the 2018 Laureates are announced. What achievements will be rewarded this year, and what is their importance to humanity? Watch live broadcasts from each announcement. We will talk to an expert who can explain the year’s Prize. Languages: English and Swedish.


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Tuesday, October 2Performance Lecture

Fear is a prerequisite for survival. Fear can also prevent us from living. Where does fear come from? And how are we affected by it? Meet Armita Golkar, a psychology researcher who specialises in fear, who will present a Performance Lecture directed by Alexander Mørk-Eidem. Performance Lectures convey knowledge by using the tools of theatre. They are a collaboration between the Nobel Center and Dramaten&, the side programming unit of Stockholm’s Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten). Armita Golkar will present her Swedish-language lecture on Dramaten’s Small Stage (Lilla scenen).

Wednesday, October 3 Crashcourseon the 2018 scientific Nobel Prizes

The crash course on this year’s scientific Prizes will be presented (in Swedish) by Anna Wedell, Ulf Danielsson and Sara Snogerup Linse –members of the respective Nobel Committees. Comedian and author Fredrik Lindström will spice up the evening, among other things offering his thoughts about curiosity, knowledge and Nobel Prizes. See you at Hotel Rival!

Thursday, October 5Meet WoleSoyinka, Laureate in Literature

Wole Soyinka received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986. During the week when most of the 2018 Prizes are being announced, he will visit the Stockholm City Library and tell about his writings, which include many works rooted in Nigeria and in the Yoruba culture. Language: English.

Friday, October 5Nobel Laureates meet teachers

The Nobel Prize Teacher Summit is an international conference that celebrates and strengthens the teaching profession in all its forms. We will be talking about how teachers can promote democracy, non-violence and sustainable development. We will also discuss how science-based teaching can help pupils grow up into tolerant and engaged citizens. Languages: Mainly English.

Saturday, October 6Science and human rights

Meet two Nobel Laureates who have helped change the world, as they visit the Nobel Museum. Leymah Gbowee was awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize after having organised Liberian women to stand up and protest against the devastating civil wars that had plagued their country for years. Martin Chalfie, 2008 Laureate in Chemistry, received the Nobel Prize for his work with green fluorescent protein. He is also engaged in the Committee on Human Rights of the United States National Academy of Science. Language: English.

Monday, October 8Discussion on the 2018 Economics Prize

On October 8 there will be an anniversary discussion at the Riksbank on this year’s Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel –celebrating 350 years as a central bank and 50 years since the Economics Prize was established at the Riksbank’s initiative. Language: Swedish.


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