The Coronavirus pandemic has given more people insight into how researchers work and how new knowledge is created, tested and applied. But where is the leading edge of research right now? What do we know about the Covid-19 disease, vaccines and therapeutics? How has humanity previously dealt with pandemics and horrible diseases? And how can teachers foster faith in facts and critical thinking among students at a time of so much disinformation, misunderstanding, and conspiracy theories?

On 9 September we gave our first online seminar for teachers. Contagious Teaching can be found here.



Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam, professor of vaccine immunology, studies the immune response to vaccination and infection. A key question is how such responses vary in the human population, as clearly illustrated by Covid-19. Gunilla Karlsson Hedestam gave an interesting lecture on Covid-19, antibody responses and vaccines. You can see her slideshow here.

Amina Manzoor, a science journalist who is currently writing a book about the Coronavirus and the history of pandemics.

Annika Rabo, a professor of social anthropology who researches conspiracy theories and is part of a multi-disciplinary European research network that focuses on conspiracy theories.

Peter Järver, a medical researcher and museum educator who has contributed to the production of the exhibition and school programme Contagious at the Nobel Prize Museum.

Anna Sjöström Douagi, Vice President Science & Programs Nobel Prize Museum

Carl-Johan Markstedt, teacher and museum educator at the Nobel Prize Museum

Annika Hedås Falk, education director at the Nobel Prize Museum.

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Additional inspiration for teachers

Medical reporter Amina Manzoor was the moderator of a conversation we organized with Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty just before the pandemic outbreak. See the interesting program here.

Teach your students about Alfred Nobel and the Nobel Prize! Use our free lesson material with videos, slideshows and student assignments. Here you will find the Nobel Prize Lessons.


Photo: NIAID