Sharing Worlds is an exhibition about one of the fields that Alfred Nobel specified for the Nobel Prize – literature – and the works by Nobel Laureates within this field.

Literature is the art of expression through the written word. Literature describes the world around us and our own inner being. It tells stories, conveys insights and emotions, and provides understanding and context. The Nobel Laureates and their works are a gateway that allow us to see the fascinating riches of our world.

For this exhibition eight of those works have been selected and they are presented with films and interactive art pieces. Each of the novels represent a certain theme such as love, peace and family, and in bookshelves around the exhibit you can find other works on the same themes.

You can also try your hand at writing yourself. The exhibition has several writing stations, Write Your Story, where you can create your own book with images and text, and publish to the exhibition library. Or why not send a poem by a Nobel Laureate to a friend from one of our Poetry Postcard stations?