What can we do today to prevent the worst catastrophes? And is there a light at the end of this tunnel where a sustainable and a prosperous world can be found? These are the questions Johan Rockström will address when the collaboration between the Nobel Prize Museum and the Royal Dramatic Theatre continues this fall. This dramatised lecture, directed by Ada Berger, is scheduled to premier on 21 November on the Main Stage of the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Meet Johan Rockström, Professor of Earth System Science. With the help of actors from the Royal Dramatic Theatre, Rockström explains why the planet is in the midst of an acute crisis – and how we must immediately find a new direction if we are to prevent global warming and the loss of biodiversity from changing the conditions on which all life on Earth depends. It’s a dark picture, one that’s hard to accept, but also one that may offer some hope.

Johan Rockström is a global environment researcher who regularly debates environmental and climate issues. He has twice been named the most influential environmentalist in Sweden, is a member of several scientific academies, has headed both the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and is currently the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Rockström has written several books and hosted programs for Swedish Radio P1.

Director: Ada Berger.

Actors: Sanna Sundqvist and Andreas Rothlin Svensson.

Filmed by SVT at Dramaten main stage in November 2020.

About Performance Lectures

Science and stagecraft join forces as the Nobel Prize Museum and Dramaten& collaborate in presenting a series of Performance Lectures − a format that conveys knowledge by using the tools of theatre, based on the daily lives of various researchers. It is a new way of exploring and communicating science with the help of stagecraft techniques. Previously, robotics researcher Danica Kragić Jensfelt gave a performance lecture on robots, theoretical physics professor Ulf Danielsson gave one on the universe, psychology researcher Armita Golkar talked about fear, economics professor Micael Dahlen gave a performance on happiness, and philosophy professor Åsa Wikforss gave one on truth.