During the period 5–12 October, the 2020 Nobel Prize laureates will be announced. The announcements will be complemented this year by a dazzling outdoor cinema at Sergels torg square in central Stockholm that will be open 24 hours a day, where visitors can view five short documentary films inspired by earlier Nobel Peace Prize laureates. The cinema will open on 2 October and will be one of the many ways that Stockholm residents can familiarise themselves with the Nobel Prize during the announcement period.

The outdoor cinema was conceived by Fredrik Paulsen, a designer and artist who is famous for creating colourful furniture and installations. The cinema, which is coronavirus-adapted, has been designed as an inspiring and accessible place for everyone – a colourful addition to Sergels torg that will awaken curiosity and open the way to new conversations and reflections.

The five short documentaries that will be shown there were made in collaboration between Nobel Media, National Geographic and the Academy Award-winning filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel. One of these films – Lost and Found – was recently nominated for an Emmy Award in the short documentary category.


Opening hours

24 hours a day, 2 October–12 October.

Venue: Sergels torg, Stockholm

Read more about these five short documentaries at nobelprize.org.