It’s the economy, stupid! A well-known quote from James Carville in 1992 directed at the Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign’s workers. The economy affects us all and now more than ever. But what are the right tools to handle the economic crisis following in the path of the pandemic? How has Sweden’s somewhat different approach affected the economy, compared to other countries with various degrees of lockdown? The future may seem a bit gloomy but how gloomy are they really?

During this teachers’ seminar we met leading scientists, pedagogues and experts who gave teachers deeper knowledge and inspiration.


Lars Heikensten, executive director of the Nobel Foundation and former Governor of Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden’s central bank).

Lena Hensvik, professor in economics doing research about labour economy and how to create a more inclusive work market.

John Hassler, professor in macro economy och a member of the committee of the Economics Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel.

The 2019 Nobel Prize Lesson in Economic Sciences can be found here.


Presentations from the seminar