Humanity is facing an unprecedented challenge. We have the facts and we know that we need to act. But how? In a constantly changing world, finding sustainable ways of living is crucial.

Everything is intertwined. Sustainability is not only about environmentalism. To achieve a sustainable and better tomorrow for coming generations, it is urgent that we work together.

A holistic approach is needed – one that considers ecological as well as social and economic dimensions. No aspect of life can be disregarded.  What role can teachers play in bringing about change? How can education be the driving force for a sustainable future?

These are the core questions of the summit. Because we are confident that the unique position of teachers is crucial in this global transformation.

Be the teacher our future needs. Join Nobel Prize laureates, top scientists, peace activists and teacher colleagues from more than thirty countries and attend this unique, yearly event. Groundbreaking ideas, inspiring insights, unforgettable meetings and non-googleable stories are all included. We look forward to seeing you there.