Nobel Creations 2020

To honor the 2020 Nobel Laureates and their discoveries, fashion students at at Beckmans College of Design in Sweden have created free interpretations of the six Nobel Prizes from 2020.

Based on black holes, genetic scissors, auction theory, and the disease Hepatitis C, as well as the World Food Program's work to eradicate hunger and Louise Glück's poetry, the students have created six strong fashion designs.

The Fashion program at Beckmans College of Design has since 2011 annually created free interpretations of the Nobel Prizes. In 2019, the project was carried out as a collaboration with Minister of Culture Amanda Lind, who also wore one of the designs at the Nobel Banquet. The year before (2018), the project was a creative meeting between literature and fashion when works by six female Nobel laureates in literature were interpreted and Professor Sara Danius was one of the tutors in the project. In previous years, the creations have been presented in various contexts both in Sweden and internationally.