With Nobel Creations, schools can work theoretically, as well as artistically, with the Nobel Prize. You can work with the project at any time during the year – either through a more extensive theme involving many subjects, or as a smaller project of three lessons. It’s up to you as a teacher! The baseline is that the students learn about a Nobel Prize and thereafter do an interpretation of it. The final result: the school’s own exhibition about the Nobel Prize.

Every year the Nobel Prize Museum realizes a contest, where the most creative interpretation among the participating schools will be rewarded with a prize!

Educational resources

The Nobel Prize Lessons are a ready-to-use classroom material about the latest Nobel Prizes – for every Nobel Prize you’ll find a teacher’s guide, slides with a manuscript, videos and a student worksheet.

Nobel Creations is an educational lay-out for how the school can work artistically with the Nobel Prizes and do an exhibition of its own. Below you’ll find both the lay-out (in the Teacher’s guide) and printable exhibition signs for the school exhibit.

Files to download