Reverend Jesse Jackson has been one of the leading voices of the American civil rights movement already since the 1960’s. He worked together with Martin Luther King and was at the hotel in Memphis when King was murdered. In the 1970’s Jackson founded the organisation PUSH  (People United to Save Humanity) which is working to give afro-americans better social and economical opportunities.


Through two presidential campaigns, in the 1980’s, Jackson became an important part of the political landscape in the US and still at this day, he continues to be an outspoken and restless fighter for human rights and justice.


The talk is presented by the Nobel Museum because of the exhibition A Right to Freedom – Martin Luther King, Jr, which is on display in the museum until 15 September 2019.


During the event there will be a performance by the artist Loreen, who had her breakthrough during Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the mega hit Euphoria.


Photo: Yulia Fromisland