We have recorded the lectures and interviews from the 2022 Nobel Prize Teacher Summit about sustainability. You are welcome to use the videos and the conference kit to arrange your own hub for the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit at any time you choose.

More information about the theme, the speakers and the content of the programme can be found here.

Watch the 2022 broadcast here

The conference kit



Suggested timetable and organisation for your hub

We suggest you invite the guests to arrive 45-60 minutes before you start the programme. Afterwards, the teachers can discuss and reflect for half an hour.

1. Introduction and refreshments. 30-60 minutes.

Photograph the event once the participants are seated and send us a photo of the whole group to education@nobelprize.org – happy faces and waving are encouraged! Feel free to tell about your hub on social media under #nobelprizeteachersummit

2. Watch the selected segments of the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit together. 2 hours.

After each segment – give the participants time to discuss and reflect by using the questions in the workbook. Provide each participant with a pen and paper for notes on their thoughts to bring to round table discussions after the broadcast. Link to the broadcast.

3. Summary and reflections. 30 minutes.

What will you bring home from today’s seminar that may help you improve your teaching? A brief summary and feedback are requested via a digital form; please submit your response here.

4. Thank you for joining us today!