Every year, tens of thousands of earthquakes occur around the world. At present, there is no reliable method for predicting these quakes, which means that we cannot know when disaster may strike.

Ayse Ataç Nyberg, professor of nuclear physics at KTH, and her research group have − by combining several measurement values and analysing data using advanced AI technology − identified a connection between radon levels in groundwater and increased risk of earthquakes.

In her lecture, Professor Nyberg will present a method that can predict earthquakes more reliably. She will share exciting examples and describe the challenges she and her research group encounter during their research.

Welcome to an open lecture featuring Ayse Ataç Nyberg, a professor at KTH, who leads a European research project that recently received a grant of EUR 2 million for this purpose. Professor Nyberg herself grew up in Ankara, Turkey and has spent a lot of time in the most dangerous and earthquake-affected area near Istanbul.