How to host a hub
This is an opportunity for you to invite local teachers to watch online versions of the summits together. We refer to these groups of teachers as hubs for the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit.

Each group of teachers can be small or large; you decide! And this conference is relevant to teachers of all subjects, from all sorts of schools, teaching from preschool up to university level. The more heterogeneous the group is, the better!

The Nobel Prize Museum will provide you with the following:

  1. A template for your invitation
  2. A printable workbook with the theme, speaker’s presentation and suggested questions to discuss
  3. A digital backdrop for the event (may only be used in this digital version).
  4. A direct link to the broadcast on YouTube
Your commitment
  1. Send out invitations to teachers
  2. Arrange for snacks / food and drinks
  3. Provide a projector or a screen with good audio
  4. Print out materials for the teachers
  5. Host the event for approximately 3 hours working around the recorded version of the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit

Suggested timetable and organisation for your hub

We suggest you invite the guests to arrive 45-60 minutes before you start the programme. Afterwards, the teachers can discuss and reflect for half an hour.

1. Introduction and refreshments. 30-60 minutes.

Photograph the event once the participants are seated and send us a photo of the whole group to  – happy faces and waving are encouraged! Feel free to tell about your hub on social media under #nobelprizeteachersummit

2.  Watch the selected segments of the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit together. 2 hours.

After each segment – give the participants time to discuss and reflect by using the questions in the workbook provided with each year’s conference kit. Provide all participants with a pen and paper for notes on their thoughts to bring to round table discussions after the broadcast.

3. Summary and reflections. 30 minutes.

What will you bring home from today’s seminar that may help you improve your teaching? A brief summary and feedback are requested via a digital form; please submit your response here.

4. Thank you for joining us today!