Stockholm, Sweden is the home of the Nobel Prize, which is awarded every year to those scientists, peace activists and writers who have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind. And without teachers, there will be no new Nobel Laureates! This is why Nobel Center has started an annual international conference for teachers, which focuses on their enormously important role in making the world better.

Scholarships to attend the 2018 Nobel Prize Teacher Summit – apply no later than 25 June!


This year’s theme, “Teach Love & Understanding”, is about how teachers can fight racism, ignorance and intolerance with the help of science. Read more about the conference here.


With support from the Swedish Institute – a government agency that provides information about Sweden and promotes cultural, educational and research exchanges with other countries – we can now offer 22 teachers from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia a scholarship enabling them to attend a three-day programme that centres on the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit.


The Summit will take place on Friday, 5 October, and the international participants are invited to an extended programme that includes both Thursday, 4 October and Saturday, 6 October.


Programme for international guests

Wednesday 3 October

Arrive in Stockholm, no programme. A hotel will be booked by Nobel Center.

Thursday 4 October


The democracy mission in the Swedish schools. Workshop at Nobel Museum and school visits.

Friday 5 October


Nobel Prize Teacher Summit 2018

Münchenbryggeriet (the Brewery Conference Centre), Stockholm. Full programme.

Saturday 6 October 


The Right to Freedom – Martin Luther King, Jr., a special showing of the new Nobel Museum exhibition.


Meet the Nobel Laureates. A special programme featuring two Nobel Laureates talking about their paths to the Nobel Prize.

Sunday 7 October

No programme, international participants travel back home.



The scholarship consists of:

  • SEK 10,000 SEK (about USD 1,140) to cover the cost of travel, transfers and meals. Disbursed when the participant is in Stockholm.
  • Hotel in Stockholm, 4 nights (booked by Nobel Center).
  • Study visits and workshop on Thursday, 4 October, including lunch.
  • Conference fee for Friday, 5 October, including lunch.
  • Programme on Saturday, 6 October, including a special showing at the Nobel Museum in the morning, lunch at the Museum and an afternoon programme featuring Nobel Laureates.
  • Insurance during the period 3–7 October.
  • A personal letter of invitation, for use when applying for a visa and the like.

Requirements for receiving a scholarship:

  • You are a trained and professionally active teacher.
  • You understand, speak, read and write English fluently.
  • You arrange your own visa; when a scholarship application is approved, the scholarship recipient will receive a letter of invitation and proof of insurance to enclose in the visa application.
  • You are able to pay for your own return ticket and transfers. The scholarship in the form of SEK 10,000 (about USD 1,140) will be disbursed in Stockholm on 4 October.
  • You work in one of these countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania or Zambia.


Criteria in assessing applicants, in addition to above requirements:

  • Gender balance.
  • Allocation between countries.
  • Assessment of a personal letter in which a teacher explains how he or she will spread knowledge further in home country networks.


The deadline to apply for a scholarship to attend the Nobel Prize Teacher Summit programme during 4–6 October is 25 June 2018.


You may only apply by using the link below, not by letter or e-mail. Applicants will be notified by e-mail no later than 15 July 2018 whether they have received a scholarship or not. No explanations will be provided to those who do not receive a scholarship.


You are welcome to apply!


Apply by using this link

Please do not fill in any other application form for the conference. This is the only application you need to make at this stage.  



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