The Whole Grain Hunt

The Whole Grain Hunt was about investigating young people’s attitudes on healthy food and mapping out their eating habits. The project was run by scientist Karin Jonsson at Chalmers.

The Medicine Hunt

Help a Scientist 2011 was about antibiotic resistance, where the students helped to find new bacteria of the group actinomycetes, a species that is known to produce substances with antibiotic properties.

The Medicine Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Professor Fredrik Almqvist and Stina Berglund Fick at Department of Chemistry at Umeå University.

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The Gold Hunt

Help a Scientist 2012 moved to the border between chemistry and physics,  and was about nano particles and nano technology.

The Gold Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Professor Maria Strømme and Johan Gomez de la Torre at Department of Engineering Sciences, Nanotechnology and Functional Materials at Uppsala University.

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The Solar Hunt

Help a Scientist 2013 was about energy and solar cells,  and was about finding dyes that could improve the photoelectrochemical solar cell.

The Solar Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Professor Lars Kloo and Jan Rosdahl at the Division of Applied Physical Chemistry at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

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The DNA Hunt

Help a Scientist 2014 was about Baltic herring, DNA and environment. Where does the fish really come from?

The DNA Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Professor Leif Andersson and Alvaro Martinez Barrio at Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Comparative genetics and functional genomics at Uppsala University.

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The App Hunt

Help a Scientist 2015 was about what mobile everyday life looks like; what unique needs, interests and requirements that future technologies need to meet in terms of things like form, content, sensors, size and network.

The App Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Jakob Tholander at Department of Computer Sciences at Stockholm University and the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and Jarmo Laaksolahti at the Division of Media Technology and interaction design.

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The Music Hunt

In the project Help a Scientist 2016, the students created music using software and interactive techniques inspired by evolutionary biology.

The Music Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Professor Palle Dahlstedt at Interaction Design Division at Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, and Peter Ljungstrand at RISE Interactive Gothenburg.

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The Bee-Hunt

Help a scientist 2017 was about bees and bacteria.

The Bee-Hunt was carried out in collaboration with Lund University and the associate professor Eva Forsgren at Swedish University of Agriculture.

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The Spider Hunt

Help a scientist 2018 was about how medicines are spread from water to spiders.

The Spider Hunt was conducted in collaboration with Jerker Fick at Department of Chemistry at Umeå University and Professor Tomas Brodin at the Swedish University of Agriculture.

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