A conversation among students and educators in Afghanistan, Sweden and the US, hosted by the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. Guest speaker is Jan Eliasson, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Too many people around the world are deprived of education due to poverty, inequality, war, armed conflicts and terror. According to the UN, nearly one fifth of the global population of children is still out of school, and the ongoing pandemic adds even more challenges. More must be done to secure education for all.

On 2 November 2020 Kabul University was attacked by terrorists, who killed 18 students and one staff member. One of the students cleaned up the glass shards from his room and wrote, “Now I can go study again.” But how does it feel to pursue your education under the shadow of terror? What can we do to foster hope for the future?

In this online seminar, we will listen to the voices of students and educators from Kabul University, who will share their stories and their hopes for the future. In Sweden and the US, we gather students and educators to listen to the voices from Kabul and to share inspiration and knowledge with one another in a mutual exchange. The program is organized and live streamed by the Nobel Prize Museum. Welcome to sign up!




Freshta Hashimi, Kabul University

Zekria Ghafori, Kabul University

Basir Mirzayee, survivor of a terror attack at Kawsar Danish Educational Center

Tamana Ziar, Kabul University

Ahmad Omar Fazly, Kabul University  

Maybe more students will be added here! 


Educators & experts:

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, Kabul University Chancellor

Associate Prof. Abdul Qahar Jawad 




Adrienne Baer, Stanford University and Univ. of Maryland

Nicole Gonzales, Stanford University and Princeton Univ.

Donald Swen, Stanford University and Columbia University

Sujude Dalieh , Stanford University and Univ. of California, Berkeley

Gabriela Kreutzberger, New York University

Tammy Rodriguez, New York University


Educators and experts:

Linn Cary Mehta, Gallatin School for Individualized Study at New York University

Bill Burnett, Adjunct Professor in the Mechanical Engineer Department in the Design Group, and the Executive Director of Stanford’s innovative Product Design program, Stanford University 




Sofia Holmdahl, President of the Stockholm University Student Union

Elis Wibacke, Vice President of the Stockholm University Student Union

Fatemeh Khavari, Student at Globala gymnasiet and peace activist


Educators & experts:

Jan Eliasson, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Anna Carlstedt, Faculty Programme Director, Stockholm University

Enayat Adel, Senior Association Officer, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan 

Erika Lanner, Museum Director and CEO Nobel Prize Museum

Lotta Jeppsson, Senior Lecturer, Nobel Prize Museum

Annika Hedås Falk, Education Director, Nobel Prize Museum

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