When was the last time you explained a Nobel Prize to your friends? After tonight you will be able to. Welcome to an evening in two acts that celebrates this year’s scientific Nobel Prizes. 

During act one, we will challenge representatives of the Nobel Prize committees to explain – in a way we can all understand – why these discoveries are important enough to deserve the world’s finest prize. We will not give up until they have explained in a way that we all understand.  

Join us for a conversation with the members of the Nobel committees in physics, chemistry and medicine: Ulf Danielsson, Pernilla Wittung Stafshede and Anna Wedell. Carin Klaesson and Gustav Källstrand from the Nobel Prize Museum will moderate, ask and ask again until we all understand. 

After the break, Josefin Johansson and Fritte Fritzon will entertain. Both have won På spåret in SVT and have a great interest in knowledge and science. Josefin is the author of the book Dynamitgummor, about women who have been awarded the Nobel Prize, and Fritte has since 2015 made the Swedish podcast Allt du velat veta. According to Josefin and Fritte “There will be a sketch, some stand up and maybe even a song!”. 

The evening’s conversation will be held in Swedish. 


17:15 Foyer doors open – a chance for the audience to mingle over light refreshments and beverages  

18:00 Crash Course on this year’s scientific Nobel Prizes 

Break, with beverage service 

Entertainment and Nobel Prize themed quiz with Josefin Johansson and Fritte Fritzon 

20:30 Bar service and music in the foyer for those wishing to celebrate a little longer. 


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